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We were all put on this planet for a purpose, but it’s not always that simple

Many people struggle because:

  • Life is crazy and complicated

  • They don’t have a community to lean on, and they are lonely

  • They have experienced a major setback in life

  • People have betrayed them and let them down

  • Their schedule feels busy and overwhelming

  • They feel like they have tried everything, but something still feels off and missing

We believe the answer to our greatest struggles in life is Jesus

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8 am, 9:30 am, 11 am & 12:30 pm

One Place Church
190 W Centa
Hayden, Idaho, 83835

Come casual, business casual, or dressed up. Just come!


As kids, we all dreamed about what we wanted to do & how great life would be when we “grew up.” But what happens when we face political unrest, a global pandemic, and a cultural shift that threatens to destroy America?

We believe that through Jesus, the church is the hope of the world. You were not just meant to survive in life, you are meant to thrive in life and make a difference. For that to happen, it is critically important for you to have the right people around you and for you to invest your life into the things that really matter.

We understand that the times we are living in are frustrating and scary, but you don’t have to let these times paralyze you. God is moving powerfully in and through so many people, and we believe He also wants to move powerfully in and through you.

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Pace & Sarah Hartfield
One Place Church

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