Three years ago our family moved to Coeur d’Alene with a heart and vision to begin a community called One Place Church. We began gathering in our home with just a handful of people. On September 21, 2014 we opened the doors to our first public gathering as a church at the Regal Theaters at Riverstone.

What God has done in these short three years has been stunning. We have seen hundreds and hundreds of lives changed, marriages healed, addictions broken, and un-churched and de-churched people alike, all find hope in Jesus. God is using One Place Church to make an eternal mark on our community and region, as we continue to see people rescued and united in Jesus.

In our first three years, we have been gathering on Sundays at the Regal at Riverstone. We are grateful for the blessing of a place to gather and for all the memories and life change that have taken place at the theater. But GREATER days are now ahead.

Now it’s time to take our next faith step toward the vision and heart God has given us for our region. Sarah and I want to invite you to prayerfully consider joining us over the next three years to sacrificially give above and beyond your regular giving so we can move into our new building for GREATER reach, influence, and community.


We will always be a church that steps out in faith and seeks God for vision beyond our resources and abilities. In Acts 2, we see God’s people “gather together in One Place.” As they gathered, the churched was empowered by the Holy Spirit, salvation through Christ was proclaimed, and over 3000 lives were rescued and united that day. The New Testament Church was birthed. As the church grew, God’s people came together and committed to a life of faith and sacrificial giving, and the Lord added to their number daily those being saved.

God is building His church and changing lives. One Place Church has a God-sized vision to see our region rescued and united in Jesus, and great movements of God are marked by people committed to a lifestyle of faith and sacrifice.

  • Our Urgent Reach Need:
    We are currently worshiping in a theater and this limits our gatherings and our reach in multiple ways. We are at the will of the theater management on critical things such as service time constraints, hospitality, cleanliness, and signage to welcome our guests, just to name a few. This creates barriers for us to reach our region with excellence and intentionality, and it limits our time for ministry on Sunday mornings. The temporary nature of gathering in a theater also creates a barrier for many first-time guests to visit.

    Our Greater Reach Opportunity:
    Our new space gives us a place of permanence for GREATER REACH. Every move of God has an epicenter. This building will serve as the epicenter for the vision God has given us to reach our communities, surrounding cities, and region. We will be positioned to mobilize the church, as well as host community outreach events. In addition, we will have the security of knowing that we have a place to call home, and be in a place of strength to rescue and unite our region in greater ways.

  • Our Urgent Influence Need: Our kids and student environments are currently very limited. Creating an engaging and intentional worship experience for our kids is very difficult in the theater. Not only are we limited in space in the theater, but because of theater management we are also limited in creating a creative and inviting environment where our families can be comfortable and confident. Our students gather weekly in our downtown office space, which also is not ideal.

    Our Greater Influence Opportunity: Our new space gives us a place to have GREATER INFLUENCE in the lives of the next generation. We will be able to create age-appropriate, creative environments to engage the hearts of our kids and students. With plenty of space to grow, our new building will allow us to build premier children and student ministries for our region. We will be positioned to partner with parents to help develop their child’s full potential in a safe, age-appropriate environment where the Bible is taught in a creative and compelling way.

  • Our Urgent Community Need:
    The theater management and building limitations hinder community during our Sunday morning gatherings. Most Sundays the hallways are crowded before and after service, and we are rushed out of the building. This makes connecting relationally with people very difficult. Because we are mobile, we also do not have a place of permanence in our community, which then limits us facilitating and creating community.

    Our Greater Community Opportunity:
    Our new space gives us a place for GREATER COMMUNITY. Something powerful happens when God’s people gather together in one place, and community is one of the blessings of gathering. This building will give us time and space to lead people closer to God and closer together in community.


We are inviting you to join us in our next steps of faith to grow our resources to the size of the vision God has given us. Over the next 3 years, we are asking every person that is a part of One Place to pray and ask God how He would want them to sacrifice to be a part of GREATER.

This is a 3 year supernatural journey of sacrificial living and giving. Begin by asking God what He wants you to give. Allow this to be a supernatural sacrifice born out of your time with God. Be confident that He will provide for you. God will not twist your arm. He’s looking for willing hearts.

Prepare your heart for this supernatural journey of sacrificial living and giving by following our 30 Day Prayer Guide. This daily guide is designed to strengthen your faith through prayer and Bible reading.

On Sunday, November 12, you can participate in any or all of the following ways:
• Commit to begin trusting God with your tithe.
• Make a sacrificial commitment to GREATER.
• Give your first and greatest gift to GREATER.


  • October 10 - Greater Leadership Gathering
  • October 12 - Greater Leadership Gathering
  • October 15 - Greater Teaching Series Kick Off
  • October 16 - 30 Days Of Prayers Begins
  • October 18 - Greater Night
  • October 25 - Day Of Fasting
  • October 29 - One Prayer
  • November 12 - Commitment Celebration